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What, Why, When and How: Fire Extinguishers 101

At Brenneco Fire Protection, we know fire and we know fire protection. Often overlooked and forgotten, fire extinguishers are an important component of fire protection for the commercial sector. If someone mentioned that having fully functioning, regularly inspected fire extinguishers strategically positioned in your commercial business could minimize damages, reduce loss, and avoid fines–would you be interested in knowing more? You definitely should. We at Brenneco believe in the importance of fire extinguishers so we wanted to dedicate an entire… continue»

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Stay Protected this Holiday Season: Fire Safety Tips for the Home

The holiday season is upon us! It is a time for family and celebration, and unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when the most house fires occur. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, Nearly 47,000 fires occur during the winter holidays claiming more than 500 lives, causing more than 2,200 injuries, and costing $554 million in property damage. Follow these fire-preventative tips and tricks to prepare and protect your home for the holidays. Know your family’s emergency evacuation plan…. continue»

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FAQ: Kitchen Hood Inspection for Fire Safety

Calling all restaurant and food service businesses! Do you know how, when, why, and who should inspect your kitchen hood and ventilation systems?  Don’t let your kitchen fall behind on codes and requirements. Here are few of our most frequently asked questions regarding kitchen hood systems. What is a kitchen hood suppression system? Kitchen hoods are designed to provide fire protection for commercial cooking applications. Why do I need to have my kitchen hood inspected? Kitchen hoods are subject to… continue»

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FAQ: Foam Fire Suppression Systems

Foam fire suppression systems protect some of the most hazardous environments out there. Though, this is a less common protection system, it requires a highly trained technical staff to inspect and maintain. Here are some common questions we get regarding foam systems.   What is a foam system Foam is a stable mass of small, air-filled bubbles with a lower density than oil, gasoline, or water. A foam system solution is made up of three ingredients: water, a foam concentrate,… continue»

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FAQ: Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Repair and Safety

  You know they hang on the wall in case of a fire emergency, but did you know they require regular maintenance and inspection with the rest of your fire protection systems? Fire extinguisher inspection is not only an NFPA requirement, it will help ensure that your fire extinguishers are capable of containing or extinguishing most small fires before they become big ones. Do I need my fire extinguisher inspected? Yes. Fire extinguisher should be inspected at various points throughout the… continue»

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FAQ: The Important of Exit and Emergency Lights for Fire Safety

Exit and emergency lights are often an overlooked area of fire protection. These mandatory pieces of equipment require more than you may think. Here are few questions people ask us about their exit and emergency light inspections. Do  my exit and emergency lights need tested? Yes.  E-lights should be tested monthly at the user level and annually by an outside vendor. What does a proper test consist of? Two tests should be performed during the annual inspection. The 30 second… continue»

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FAQ: Fire Suppression Systems

  Fire suppression, or clean agent systems, are needed in many cases where a fire sprinkler system is not a viable option for protection. Here are few common questions we receive about this type of system. What is a clean agent system? Clean agent fire suppression systems are non-water based systems designed to protect data processing centers, storage vaults, occupied or unoccupied electronic areas with sensitive or irreplaceable equipment, and IT rooms. How often are clean agent systems inspected? Clean… continue»

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FAQ: Fire Sprinkler Systems

  Not sure where to start with your fire sprinkler search? Here is a break down of what you need to know to make an informed decision regarding the safety and protection of your business’s fire sprinkler system. What kind of sprinkler system do I have? There are five general types of fire sprinklers: 1. Automatic The automatic fire sprinkler system is the most widely used fire protection system today. It works by applying the right amount of water in… continue»

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“What’s Your Motivation?” Knowing a Client’s Answer Matters

Part of having a tight relationship with clients is about understanding why a client is doing what they’re doing or asking for what they’re asking.  This helps us understand and develop the right kind of partnership with individual clients. Two big questions: Are you motivated by your own desire to have a safe workplace? Are you more motivated by your insurance carrier’s requirements? We also help coach many clients on what they need to ask their insurance companies. When we… continue»

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Clean Agent for Your Data Center? Consider How Much a Fire Would Cost

If you don’t have a clean agent system and your data center caught fire, how much would you lose? How long would you be out of business because of it? How much would it cost to replace the equipment inside? How many hours would your employees spend retrieving or reinventing data — if it’s even possible? If you’re going to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, you should probably spend a few thousand on a clean agent system to protect… continue»