Fire Alarm Systems

An alarm system is the first warning sign in the event of a fire. Alarms warn occupants of a fire so that they may safely evacuate the site. These systems must be regularly inspected and effectively operating in order to meet NFPA standards, avoid litigation issues and save lives. Poor installation and maintenance can lead to undiagnosed problems and system failures. The most common recurring problems include:

  • Ground Faults
  • Circuit Issues
  • Battery Faults
  • Device Failures

Detecting and solving these problems requires regular maintenance from a trained, skilled technician. Correctly maintaining and operating systems are effective and proven life-saving devices.  

Brenneco’s technicians remain up to date with continued education in the technology behind alarm systems. We can install fire alarm panels for which we are distributors; we inspect, maintain and monitor all brands of fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

In addition to fire alarm systems, Brenneco offers fire alarm monitoring services. With these services, your property is constantly monitored through a UL listed central station. Alarm monitoring instantly notifies a team of trained monitors, the facility’s personnel and you in the event of a fire alarm activation, abnormal temperatures, an electrical malfunction, a power failure and other “actionable” events. You can receive these notifications through a monitoring app, cellular IP monitoring and/or open & close reporting. In addition to these instant notifications, alarm monitoring immediately prompts a dispatch call to the local fire department, improving emergency response times and limiting potential damage. Fire alarm monitoring systems allow you to have peace of mind, even when you are away, knowing that your business is safe.


Brenneco performs inspections on all fire alarm control panels and associated devices in accordance with NFPA 72.


Brenneco installs, strategically places and monitors any brand of alarm system.


Brenneco regularly maintains and repairs alarm systems, ensuring optimal operation; we offer fire alarm monitoring services.

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