Water-based Fire Protection

Water-based fire protection systems are some of the most common fire safety products in use. There are several advantages to using water-based systems: water is inexpensive, readily available, nontoxic, reduces heat and can be stored at atmospheric pressure and normal temperatures. Water-based systems effectively fight most different types of fires.

Whether or not your facility uses a water-based fire protection system, it’s important to protect your water from hazardous contaminants. Cross connections—between potable drinking water supplies and non potable water sources—exist in all kinds of buildings. All facilities are in danger of water contamination, which can cause serious health issues for personnel and clients. In particular, if your business works with hazardous substances, it’s critical to take the most effective water protection measures.

Brenneco offers water-based services that protect your facilities from fire and keep your water supply free from dangerous contamination. Our team can survey your facilities, identify cross connections and areas of concern and provide effective systems to meet your needs. Our expert technicians inspect, install and maintain all types of:



Protect your facilities and enjoy peace of mind.

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