Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow is the flow of any foreign liquid, gas, waste or other substance into the treated drinking water distribution system from any unintended source. Backflow occurs when there is a cross connection between a potable drinking water supply and a secondary, non potable water source. Backflow contaminates the water supply in your organization or facility and can cause serious health hazards for those drinking or using the water.

There are many types of backflow prevention devices. The four most common devices include:

  • Pressure vacuum breaker (PVB)—Most commonly used whole-system device
  • Double check valve (DCV)—Used for systems without hazardous substances
  • Reduced pressure zone (RPZ)—Offers the best protection against pollutants and toxins
  • Atmospheric vacuum breaker (AVB)—Simplest and least expensive device

Brenneco evaluates cross connections in your facility and inspects, installs and monitors suitable backflow prevention devices. Fire suppression systems, such as sprinkler systems, are particular concerns as they can cause pollutants to backflow into your drinking water supply. Keep your water clean with backflow prevention.


Brenneco inspects backflow prevention devices in accordance with the adopted Indiana cross connection control manual.


Brenneco evaluates cross connections and installs suitable backflow prevention devices for each specific facility.


Brenneco regularly maintains and repairs backflow prevention devices, ensuring optimal operation.

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