Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers provide an immediate reaction to a fire and can help contain the spread until the fire department is able to arrive.These systems are now highly recommended or required in building codes, depending on the type of building or industry. The system slows the spread of fire, gives occupants a chance to exit and lowers property damages and insurance premiums.

Sprinkler systems are governed by state and local codes as well as insurance requirements. Brenneco experts can properly inspect, install or repair commercial fire sprinkler systems for optimal performance.

There are several types of sprinkler systems for different environments:

  • Wet Pipe System—The most common system
  • Dry Pipe System—Used when water freezing is a concern
  • Pre-Action System—Used when there is a high risk of water damage
  • Deluge System—Used when rapid spread is a concern
  • Fire Pump System—Used when water pressure is a concern



Brenneco performs inspections and tests sprinkler heads on all types of systems in accordance with NFPA 25.


Brenneco designs and installs sprinkler systems suitable for each specific facility.


Brenneco regularly maintains and repairs sprinkler systems, ensuring optimal operation.

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