Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are the first line of defense against any intrusion into your organization’s facilities. These systems immediately and remotely alert you and local authorities to an intrusion and can sometimes succeed in frightening off an intruder before damage is done. Protect your valuable assets—property, equipment, secure information—with an alarm system that meets your security needs.

There are two types of alarm connections: wired and wireless. Wired alarm connections are generally more reliable. However, wireless connections have greater range and are less intrusive to the structure of the building.

Brenneco can survey your facility to determine the best placement and make recommendations on alarm system options for your facilities. Our technicians can expertly install and maintain your alarm system. Brenneco also offers alarm monitoring, through a UL listed central station, which allows you to monitor your alarm system through a monitoring app, cellular IP monitoring and/or open & close reporting.


Brenneco evaluates organization’s security needs and installs suitable alarm systems for each specific facility.


Brenneco regularly maintains and repairs security alarm systems, ensuring optimal operation.

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